Review of that CP040 Two way radio

Editors note – Motorola seem that they are getting out radios like they’re sweets nowadays, the digital revolution has really given Motorola a second wind and it seems, as customary, pushing the boundaries of this two-way communication marketplace. This recent 2 way radio the CP040, is full fat digital and having tried it for the few weeks it’s very related size to many other of the modern two way radios, but with a different connection sort. The shape is very similar to other present radios, but i think the purchase price can make an enormous differentiation to small organisations and individuals, anyway here is a incredibly rare appraisal of the 2 way radio.

We at this website spend loads of our time reviewing the top and largely simple radios on offer today. Some of these products are specifically made for exact capabilities and can fetch scary prices for smaller organisations that nonetheless are eager to contend. With that in mind, we thought we would take a quick view of one of Motorola’s cheaper models and see if it compares with the other boys.

With a functional, fairly pedestrian device, the Motorola cp040 is a million miles aloof from the lustrous, sexy contours of that MotoTRBO SL4000, or just the rugged, hardwearing face of the Motorola Dp 3400. The look is mechanical, modest and unambitious, but looks might be deceiving.
A brawny, competent model, this is a good choice for warehousing and farming (as acknowledged over on the Motorola site).

It only makes use of 4 radio channels, but is extremely easy to work with as a result, much a ‘press and play’ two way radio. It also retains contact over a surprisingly sizeable range.

19 hrs of battery life shows good durability (when in battery economy ‘low’ mode, anyway), while the ability to switch between broadcasting to numerous users or a single one is an exceptionally welcome function indeed.
Although clearly created as a budget model, the Motorola cp040 has several features that we have come to anticipate from far-more costly two way radios.
THE Value

Believe it or not (and we even needed to scan it two times!), the CP040 is out there at lower than £200. OK, at £199 it’s not a lot less, nevertheless it still beats the better products by a lot (and then some). Definitely, there’s a feeling that Motorola might truly charge a bit more for the device and simply get away with it.
THE Functioning

Making great use of Motorola’s much-vaunted ‘X-Pand’ technology, the Motorola cp040 offers superb audio quality with every communication, so there’s no genuine loss in sound quality (unless you compulsively compare the CP040 using the really high-end models and that we aren’t going to do this here).
In terms of use, the CP040 is easy and efficient, working with the usual loyalty that you’ll find we’ve come to require from Motorola two way radios.
The belt clip (an optional extra) holds the radio in well and everything is usually durable and nicely made.

The CP040 might be wanting some of the more impressive features and extras that some of its users can brag about, but for a average, basic walkie talkie, it’s extremely tricky to find fault with it.


The CP040 has been designed with mid level commerce use in mind, yes, it lacks the ‘boys own adventure’ ruggedness of Motorola’s outdoor versions or the discreet, professional modernity of these urban, security orientated series, but it makes up for this in spades using a rock-hard, consistent presentation that won’t break the bank.
Perhaps it is not the best radio of its kind that the market can offer, but it is a very long way from being the worst and, in addition, it genuinely offers outstanding value for money.
Customers want something a little tougher and much more overtly safety-conscious for use on building sites or battlegrounds. Perhaps they’ll also want something a little more trim and/or stylish for customer interaction, but otherwise, the Motorola cp040 suits its design-niche perfectly.
This is a good little radio for principal business two way radio use also it’s hard to envisage it letting anyone down. Sturdy, trustworthy and high performance, the Motorola cp040 combines a thoroughly satisfying user experience having a pleasantly controllable price tag to make an entirely likeable (coupled with highly recommendable) radio.

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